All applicants are encouraged to rank up to eight (8) schools/programs on their application. Carefully consider your order of preference, as this information is used in the lottery and impacts waitlists. You may update the rank order of your selected schools until the application deadline.

Always rank your schools by listing them in the order you prefer them, even if you are applying to very high-demand schools. Your random lottery number and priority group for that school do not change whether you rank your schools first, last, or even if many other students also rank that school. You should always list schools by their true preference. Whether you select the maximum number of choices or fewer, this will not affect your chance of getting an offer to one of your top-ranked schools.

We cannot promise that every applicant will receive an offer to their number one school choice. If you DO receive an offer to your number one choice, you will NOT be placed on a waitlist for your other school choices. This is why it is important to consider your school options and rank them in order of your preference when you apply. If you do NOT receive an offer to your number one choice, you WILL be placed on a waitlist for your higher-ranked schools only.