School Choice in SAISD

At San Antonio ISD, we believe that all children should have access to a variety of school options regardless of their academic abilities or where they live. We know that all kids are unique individuals. They engage with learning in different ways, they aspire to different careers, and they are interested in different subjects.

Choice Schools and Magnet Programs offer specialized academic programming designed to best fit the individual interests of students. An application is required to gain admission to these schools. Admission is based on a lottery system and is open to all students living in Bexar county and surrounding areas.

The lottery is a blind, randomized, computerized process conducted at the district level. The district utilizes a “Controlled Choice” framework to ensure equity and access for historically disadvantaged students. Families’ applications are placed into appropriate categories, then the online platform conducts the lottery according to programmed lottery parameters. The Office of Access and Enrollment Services (OAES) determines lottery guidelines for each campus.



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