Waitlist Creation

  • Waitlists are generated every year, and new waitlist numbers are assigned. They do not carry over from one year to the next.
  • For applications submitted during the application window, waitlists are initially generated by the system when the lottery is conducted. After applications are sorted according to the lottery priority structure and their randomized lottery number, the applications at the top receive offers for available seats.
  • Applications that do not receive an offer through the lottery are placed on waitlists in the following way:
    •  If an applicant DOES receive an offer to their highest-ranked school, they will NOT be placed on a waitlist for their other school choices. 
    • If an applicant does NOT receive an offer to their highest-ranked school, they WILL be placed on the waitlist for their higher-ranked schools

For example, if Jamal applies to 3 schools and receives an offer for the school he ranked as his #2 preference, then his application would remain on the waitlist for the school he ranked as his #1 preference, but not for the school he ranked as #3. Applications submitted after the application window closes (the application deadline) are added to the end of the lottery-generated waitlist according to the date and time stamp of their submission.

Offers from Waitlists

  • Offers from waitlists typically begin 2-3 weeks after the lottery. 
  • Offers from waitlists continue throughout the spring, summer, and into the first weeks of the new school year – as long as seats are available.
  • You will be notified if you receive a seat offer from the waitlist. The message will tell you which child and school/program the offer is for, as well as the deadline to accept the offer.
  • You will not be notified if you move up on the waitlist. If you would like an occasional update on your waitlist number for any school, please contact that school or the SAISD Enrollment Office (210-554-2660). 

For more details, see the question: Can I apply to more than one school?