Siblings of currently enrolled students receive preference prior to the opening of the annual application and selection window. Sibling preference is capped at 25% of the total number of seats available through the lottery. A sibling lottery will be held if the number of anticipated siblings exceeds the number of available sibling seats. Siblings not accepted through the sibling lottery will be placed in the general lottery. Siblings not accepted through the general lottery may still be considered for enrollment according to District guidelines.

Siblings applying to enter a Choice School or Program through the lottery in the same year will receive pull-in preference. If one sibling is accepted through the lottery and the other is not, both siblings are automatically accepted. This pull-in preference only applies for lottery grades. If both siblings are placed on the waitlist and one is accepted, the other sibling is not automatically accepted.

SAISD’s procedures and practices for sibling preference are designed to align with state and federal guidelines for in-district charter schools.

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