Each applicant may apply to a maximum of three schools/programs per school year.

If you’ve declined an offer, if your application has been withdrawn or canceled an application, or if an offer has been rescinded, then that application is no longer considered active and does not count towards the limit of 3 schools/programs. Additional schools/programs may be added as long as the total number of active applications (those in Submitted, Waitlisted, or Accepted status) is no more than three (3) at any time.

For help adding an additional school/program to an existing application, please contact the Office of Access & Enrollment Services at (210) 554-2660 or enroll@saisd.net. If you’ve added an additional school/program to your existing application on your own and notice that a previous application is no longer showing, please call (210) 554-2660 to have it reinstated.