Choice Schools & Programs


SAISD is redefining excellence to ensure that all students graduate well-prepared for success in college and career. We are committed to growing the range of next-generation school options so that all students can attend their best fit school, regardless of their academic abilities or where they live. The schools are open to students across Bexar County and transportation will be available from numerous pickup hubs.
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 What is a best fit school?

A best fit school is a school where educators engage students intellectually by tapping into their specific interests and aspirations. We know that all kids are unique individuals. They engage with learning in different ways; they aspire to different careers; and they are interested in different subjects. The goal is clear: if all students can attend a high-quality, best fit school, then they will realize their full academic potential. SAISD’s Choice Schools and Programs typically showcase a single, anchor model around which all teaching and learning happens, such as a Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) model, a Dual Language model, or a Montessori model. With a few exceptions, specialized offerings in the district are those where all students at the school, not just a group of students, participate in the model.  Some of these schools operate under non-traditional grade configurations, such as PK-8, PK-12, and 6-12. SAISD’s Choice Schools and Programs include, but are not limited to: